That’s me!

I’m a stay-at-home mum of two kids and I fairly recently got into serious baking. I bake most of our bread and like a challenge when it comes to cakes. (“Most of our bread” because Mr Meike’s Kitchen still buys the occasional sliced loaf of sandwich bread…) Cookies are a perennial favourite with the kids so we make them a lot too.

I just thought that in 2014 I’d like to chronicle my efforts in the kitchen and so this has come about. For some reason or another, I’ve focused mainly on baking. It has also been a bit awkward at times to blog about the same bread over and over again so, in 2015, I’ll stop being so obsessive and just blog about new recipes I try out and maybe that way I can diversify a bit more.

We’ll see where the journey takes us.

I should probably add that I am German but lived in England on and off for 4 years before living there permanently for another 4. Mr Meike’s Kitchen is British. We now live in Germany, with Mr Meike’s Kitchen still working in the UK. Yes, we don’t like to make things easy for ourselves… That’s why you find a lot of English recipes and recipe authors on here and pictures of German packaging. I’ve also been following some American baking sites and have been trying quite a fair few recipes from these. The conversion from cups to metric is driving me crazy though…


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