Baking and knitting

I’ve started my first big knitting project of the year and so knitting is all I do when I have some free time. Well, not quite true, I do some baking too but writing about it has somehow lost its priority spot. But at least I sometimes knit in the kitchen (when my iPad has run out of power and I need to plug it in because I’m hooked on Nurse Jackie on Netflix…)

I’m making a tunic for Miss Meike’s Kitchen and therefore I have to hurry up before she’s outgrown that size. (Although to be honest, that should not be too soon – the tunic is two sizes up from the one she’s currently wearing…)


I’ve been hankering after cinnamon rolls for some time. It’s been my Christmas craving. I’ve tried out a more Christmasy variation this time: Apple Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls. The recipe is here.

I didn’t change anything about the dough which is quite heavy and dense. It needed longer to rise than just one hour.


I don’t think the original recipe requires enough apples for this, they barely covered the rolled-out dough. I’ll try double the amount next time. And I only used two thirds of the sugar for the filling, it was sweet enough for us.


I cut the rolled-up dough into 16 pieces, not 12, because that’s easier to do and the rolls are a bit smaller.


Covered, fittingly with a blessing, they went into the fridge overnight.


I was rather disappointed because they didn’t rise noticeably during their stay in the fridge but they had oozed a lot of apple juice.


The rolls rose during baking though so all was well in the end and the apple juice had turned into a thick syrup.


These are lovely rolls, something quite different and I can imagine they’d be rather nice for a wintery breakfast. I didn’t bother making a glaze because they are rather sticky thanks to the syrup.



2 thoughts on “Baking and knitting

    • I had to go back to the post and read it to remind myself what it was all about…
      Thank you so much for your compliments! I’ve got a few things I could post about but I’m still quite busy knitting… đŸ˜‰


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