Zucchini Pound Cake

We started 2015 with a lot of sorting and tidying up. It’s been a lot of work but it’s also been very satisfying. I personally started the New Year by unravelling last year’s work (I’d made a hat for me but it was just a tad too small), which was rather symbolic … of symbolism …


I still owe you a picture of the inside of our New Year’s Pie. It was tasty as every year and went down well. Here it is:


We started the year with my Dad’s birthday. This year I made a Zucchini Pound Cake. I had zucchini in the freezer for this recipe (the last portion is for a Zucchini Bread, coming soon…).* I used this recipe from i am baker. It’s the first recipe I’ve ever tried that requires cake flour. I’d never come across it before so had to google it. I found my answer on Nigella Lawson’s website and decided to try it her way. Basically, it’s normal flour mixed with corn starch and sieved a couple of times.

I used only half the amount of sugar required in the recipe. Absolutely sufficient.
The cake turned out well, with nice big air holes in it.


The zucchini needs to be dry for this cake and I think I dried it out too much, if that’s possible at all. It was really difficult to stir it in and so I ended up with a layer of zucchini near the bottom of the cake. It was alright, it just didn’t look that nice.
I made a lemon glaze for the cake, as per the original recipe.
I was quite surprised when I cut the cake and sampled a bit, it was rather dry but when we actually ate the cake, it was okay. Even a couple of days later it hadn’t gone noticeably more dry. Another zucchini recipe to keep….



* 15 Jan. 2015: I saw the other day that the blog where I saw the recipe I was going to try out has been closed down. Since I hadn’t saved the recipe anywhere, the frozen batch of zucchini will go into a vegetable curry…


3 thoughts on “Zucchini Pound Cake

  1. Hello Meike,
    I saw you’d ‘lost’ a recipe due to a blog disappearing.
    You might still be able to retrieve it if you go to https://archive.org/ and put the address into the WayBackMachine.
    The Internet Archive saves web pages, and they might have a version from last year that you can copy.
    Good luck!

    • Hello, Mary-Anne!
      Thank you so much for your comment. I did not know that. The blog I was looking for is actually archived there, I’ll just have to find the right page now…
      By the way, I love your “Great British Bakes”! It’s a great book to read and peruse. I haven’t got round to trying many recipes yet but that’s just a question of time.

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