Zucchini Cornbread

One last time this year…

We had chilli con carne for lunch and I’ve still got grated zucchini in the freezer for recipes I want to try out. This Zucchini Cornbread was one of them and the chilli recipe actually sounds very nice too.

But back to the bread!

I don’t see the need to put 100g of sugar into what is for all intents and purposes a savoury bread and therefore reduced it to just 10g. I find the bread on its own quite salty but eaten with chilli, it’s a perfect accompaniment.

Since we generally grow the yellow zucchini as we find them more pleasant in taste, the bread doesn’t look quite as interesting as in the original recipe with the green specks.

I’ll make it again to go with chilli. And you get extra veg without making an effort…



Happy New Year, everybody!
Thanks for reading and putting up with me.


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