Merry Christmas!

Christkind was very kind to me last night (we get our presents on Christmas Eve, just like the British royal family…) and I got a couple of lovely kitchen-related presents:




The t-shirt appeals greatly to my silly sense of humour and my Dad actually made that recipe book holder for me. I’m ever so touched. The Jamaican spices and sauce are from my dearest friend, who thinks she’s very funny but we’re now planning to have roast chicken soon…

Christmas Day is usually my turn to cook something grand and we always try to incorporate some elements of an English Christmas Dinner. However, this year this part falls to ……. sprouts, parsnips and roasties… Anyway, that’s not what I want to write about. I’m going to write about dessert. I bought a Lucky Dip Box from The Spicery and it contained – among other things – a kit for Lemon Rosemary Posset. I thought that was a suitably dessert for Christmas Day, herby, spicy, lemony- sharp and nothing overly sweet or laced with chocolate (though I’m usually rather fond of the latter). It’s the first time I’ve tried one of the Sweet Spice Kits.


It’s all actually rather fool-proof. The herbs and spices come in clearly labelled sachets and the instructions are easy to follow.


I first made the spiced shortbread, with crushed green peppercorns. I didn’t sprinkle any additional pepper on those biscuits intended for the children (the vertical row on the left).


Then I made the posset. I’ve always been intrigued by “posset”, something that crops up every now and so often in literature but is not a common drink / dish anymore. (There’s an article on Wikipedia about it, including a list of literary references.) So this went into my first posset:


I couldn’t get any double cream so I used crème fraîche and normal cream. It boiled alright and it set fine. It was just a pain to filter out the peppercorns and bits of rosemary…


It was a very surprising dessert. The kids weren’t keen on it at all (and I don’t blame them) even though the Sweet Spice Kit claims be “a range of family-friendly desserts”. Probably not when the youngest members of the family are only five and two… And this one does have a heat rating of two chillies (out of five). Once you got over the initial shock of having a rather hot (as in spicy) dessert, we adults actually quite enjoyed it. Until we found yet another bit of crushed peppercorn between our teeth… I’ll certainly go back to making a posset again. Probably not with pepper though… And maybe not even lemon but the idea is still appealing.


Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I wondered if you have made any more Posset – particularly with Christmas Spices, or Christmas Fruits! I am trying to find an alternative to Christmas Pudding – which I find quite heavy after a full on roast Turkey with all the trimmings!! (I know it is only February but I am trying to plan ahead this year – not have a mad panic on December 23rd)

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