Baking Bread 35


I’ve tried out another bread recipe which requires the bread to be left in the fridge overnight before it is baked in the morning. The idea of baking bread first thing in the morning holds a big appeal to me. It seems to be a better way of using time effectively.

This bread needs wheat and rye sourdough starters. I started a new wheat one because I discarded the old one before we went to England in October. I have kept both starters for feeding and activating in the bathroom where the temperature is warmest and most stable. (The other rooms get considerably colder during the night.) This is a Neudorfer Sauerteigbrot and I rather like it. It’s less rubbery than the bread I made last time using only wheat sourdough (Weizensauerteig nach Chad Robertson) and, due to the rye content, tastes more interesting. It also contains sufficient wheat to be to Mister Meike’s Kitchen’s liking, I hope…




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