Need … to …. catch … up …

“Catch up” could easily be interchanged with sleep, relax, unwind, take a deep breath, slow down and all sorts of other verbs of this type of meaning. December is such a busy month! Christmas parties, the normal Christmassy stuff but then it’s also Master Meike’s Kitchen’s birthday… It’s just about enough.

But let’s start at the beginning. I have tried out a new bread, it’s this Multigrain Oatmeal Bread. I drastically reduced the sugar because, to my mind, there’s no need for 100g of sugar in a bread. I used one teaspoon for the yeast mix and one tablespoon for the main dough. It’s a wonderful bread, the only downside is that it dries out very quickly. I’d freeze it in small portions to keep it fresh.


And now we enter the birthday bakeathon: For some reason, even unbeknownst to me, I made two birthday cakes for the lucky boy.

The first one was my White Zucchini Confetti Cake, unfortunately I got different sprinkles now and they just melted into the dough. It was still a nice cake though. I made a white chocolate frosting this time and covered the whole cake in sprinkles. It looked pretty though my choice of chocolate wasn’t the best. I should have bought better quality. Hohum. Next time.


I also tried to make made a Captain Barnacles Cake. Captain Barnacles is a character from the children’s TV series The Octonauts, which the kids like a lot. I used the recipe for the Owl Cake I made for Miss Meike’s Kitchen in August because I thought it would be easiest to shape. Which it was. But then I decided to cover the cake in white chocolate buttercream and use dyed buttercream for the feature. That was a bad choice. If only I thought that through! Next time I use marzipan.


One of Master Meike’s Kitchen’s friends, who were coming along for his birthday tea, is gluten intolerant and allergic to dairy and egg. That makes catering for him quite a challenge. He is not into sweet things at all but I like to make the effort so that there’s something for him, should he want to have it. And I don’t just want to serve up a couple of rice cakes. This year I made some everything-free Oreos because I was going to make a lovely dessert called Dirt for Master to take to Kindergarten to celebrate his birthday there. Anyway. Those “Oreos” were after nooone’s taste, I’m afraid to say. And I’m even more determined now to one day find a recipe that produces something Master’s friend, and everyone else for that matter, will enjoy.


We also needed something savoury for the evening and because Master Meike’s Kitchen is rather fond of burgers, I was rather pleased to have found a recipe for a cheeseburger bread. It’s basically a pizza with cooked mince, gherkins, bacon, grated cheese and ketchup, rolled up. We dropped our bread onto the floor when I tried to get it from the worktop to the baking tray – which Master was holding for me; I think he was surprised by the sudden increase in weight… So we shaped it into a big snail. I baked it the night before and then just reheated it in the oven on the day. It was fantastic! Mister Meike’s Kitchen has already requested it for his birthday!!! (On the downside, Master didn’t try a single bite, I think he was too excited, but both kids had helped make it and wouldn’t leave the filling alone…)


I’m still recovering from that bakeathon but the next loaf of bread is already in the making…


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