Baking Bread 33

I really haven’t got the time to bake bread at the moment but the freezer was empty – so what was I supposed to do?

I tried out a new sourdough bread, a wheat sourdough, by an American baker. On Facebook, I had come across this video about Chad Robertson’s Tartine Bread . It sounded intriguing, a bread everyone can make. And also to leave the shaped bread in the fridge overnight holds a big appeal.

I searched the interwebs for a recipe and at first only found some that need like a kilo of flour to make a sourdough starter and similar such madness. In the end I ended up on Ploetzblog, a fantastic German blog about bread baking. So I followed the recipe for Weizensauerteigbrot nach Chad Robertson to the letter (but forgot to slash the loaf before baking) and it all happened as it was described: once the bread had gone into the oven, it went flat. But after a little while it puffed up and got a really nice shape. I forgot to turn the oven down after I put the bread in but I’m not sure whether that had an impact and if it did, what it may have been. Unfortunately mine turned out a bit moist-looking and rubbery. I posted a comment and the answer I got was that my sourdough probably needs to ripen at a higher temperature so I’ll give this a go next time.




4 thoughts on “Baking Bread 33

    • Lieber Robby,
      Vielen Dank! Ich fühle mich sehr geehrt!
      Ich nehme den Award an und werde ihn auch weitergeben – aber das muss noch ein paar Tage warten. Mein Sohn hatte gerade Geburtstag, ich hatte viel zu tun, und zwei (mindestens…) Blogartikel sind auch noch in der Warteschleife.
      Einen schönen 3. Advent wünscht Dir Meike

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