1. Advent

First Sunday of Advent. The first candle on the Advent wreath is lit.


We had the first samples of our Christmas bakeathon with coffee after lunch. The kids had been asking to have gingerbread people for days now…


The cookies you don’t recognise from my previous posts are my mum’s. She’s made traditional gingerbread after my paternal grandma’s recipe, Kokoskipferln (literally, “coconut peaks” – egg white, sugar and desiccated coconut), and Walnut and Date Buns, allegedly an English recipe.

We’ve had first Sundays of Advent before when there were no cookies whatsoever – we may have overcompensated this year….

This evening the advent calendar for the kids has been put in place. I’ve spent a fair few evenings this past week wrapping and tying those little presents. In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s only one calendar for two kids, and, yes, there are no numbers. They will have to come to an agreement each day which bundle will be opened… At least they’ll get one present each, I’m not that mean…



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