Apple Pie and Baking Bread 30

Let’s continue the American classic pie week…

I made an Apple Pie, indeed it was La vraie Apple Pie… The recipe is, of all places, from a French magazine called Avantages. Mister Meike’s Kitchen used to buy it for me at the airport or at French train stations on his travels back home. I’ve made various apple cakes before but never a pie and, whether this is an authentic American recipe or not, it’s a great recipe. And it was rather fun to make. As it says in the article: Toute rĂ©sistance est inutile.

The pastry is rolled out on baking parchment (“papier cuisson”) and then lifted into a springform tin.

The pastry case is filled with chunky apple pieces mixed with apricot jam, lemon juice, cinnamon (“cannelle”) and semolina (“semoule”). The recipe actually asks for strips of lemon zest but the little shop in our village doesn’t stock organic lemons so I had to make do without and it was alright. There’s also a suggestion to make the pie encore plus british to add a bit of grated nutmeg (“noix de muscade”). I was going to do that but then completely forgot about it because I was too busy stopping Miss Meike’s Kitchen from eating the apple chunks… The pie is then covered with more pastry and the edges sealed. It is brushed with egg white and was supposed to be sprinkled with sugar which I forgot and didn’t do until the pie had been in the oven for a bit… My pie looked quite rustic:


It is baked!

It says in the in the instructions that you have to be able to hear the apples sing when the pie is done. I find that a rather poetic description and I made sure Miss and I listened out for it. Obviously it sounds much better in French:

on doit entendre les pommes chanter.

We demolished half of it for dessert (well, we only had a bit of soup for lunch) when it was still a bit warm and tasted and smelled absolutely wonderful.

I’m actually quite impressed that there is still no sign of a soggy bottom even though the pie was baked six hours before the picture was taken and the apples are rather moist.

Aaaaand because the oven was on anyway and we haven’t got much bread left, I made some bread too. This time nothing adventurous, just a plain white loaf. The Wiener Brot , or “Viennese Bread”, I’ve made a couple of times before.


The risen dough:


Miss Meike’s Kitchen has a thing for dough. When she got hold of the bowl, she said: “Lecker Teig” (tasty dough). Then she asked for a spoon and wanted my help. That bowl was as good as clean when she’d finished with it!


The shaped loaf ready to go in the oven:


It has turned out very well again and Mr Meike’s Kitchen will have some bread when he comes home at the weekend…




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