Pumpkin Pie


It’s autumn, it’s pumpkin season. I’m rather fond of pumpkin pie but I’ve got to admit that I’ve never had one in America or had an American person make one for me. So I don’t know what they’re supposed to be like but I’ve found a recipe that I like.

Actually, it’s two recipes… One for the pastry and another one for the filling… I’ve got no brain for cake / pie baking at the moment and so I fiddled with the recipe even more and didn’t think that if I nearly doubled the quantity of pumpkin, other ingredients would have to be sized up too… I’m not that happy with it but it tastes fine and Master Meike’s Kitchen helped himself to a second slice and Miss Meike’s Kitchen was humming while eating hers. Definitively good!


I didn’t pay any attention while the pie was in the oven so it got a bit dark … but a sprinkle of icing sugar covers a multitude of sins…



I’ve already got a portion of puréed pumpkin in the freezer so I’ll try this one again when I’m hopefully a bit more with it…

I’ll leave you with some impressions from this morning’s Thanksgiving service at our local Protestant church – where Master Meike’s Kitchen’s Kindergarten group performed a couple of songs and a baby was christened.



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