More Lactation Cookies

It was time for more Lactation Cookies, using the same recipe again.

My brother and his wife had a baby girl on Thursday, 25 September. She had struggled breastfeeding the other two girls so it seemed a good idea to bake her something that could help her along this time. (And it appears she has already turned to good old Google to find some recipes herself…) My now middle niece has tried one of the cookies and she liked it. That’s a start!

So it was the same recipe again. I used half the amount of sugar, a nearly fifty-fifty mix of porridge oats and whole grain flakes and milk chocolate.



They taste perfect now. The only thing I had to adjust was the baking time. After the last tray had come out of the oven, I put all the cookies back in, turned the oven off and left them for an extra ten minutes. Basically, they need a bit longer in the oven. That was just me being mental again.

A two-day ration I took over to our neighbours. Their baby girl is now six weeks old and can do with a bit of chocolate-oat milk…



As you can see, the cookies are pretty chocolate-chunky! Lovely while still warm, by the way.


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