A Christening and a Cake

You remember I made Clangers? Well, Master Meike’s Kitchen and I had been invited to a Christening, about 450km away from here, up North. The Godmother-to-be, a girl I’d gone to school with, picked up the boy and myself and we were on our way by midday. We hadn’t seen each other for eight years so we had a lot to catch up on. About two hours into the journey we had a break for a late lunch. Fortunately for the boy, there was a playground so he could have a run around. The clangers went down really well (and nobody dropped one…) although I thought that the savoury side could have done with a bit more salt and pepper and Master would have preferred an all sweet-side clanger.

The Christening was supposed to happen in a small stream in the forest, with eight children being christened. Every family was supposed to bring some food for a buffet afterwards.
You have guessed already that it didn’t work out as planned. There was heavy rain on Saturday so the ground was soaked and an alternative was thought out:
The service took place in the Kindergarten’s hall. Outside in the garden, they had pumped up water from the stream and erected a marquee for the actual Christenings. It was still raining on Sunday and the water was, apparently, rather cold. None of the other families wanted to participate in the buffet afterwards, apart from us, but in the end we also went back home. Being the only ones in that hall would have been a tad silly.


I had made a cake to bring to the Christening and I was very pleased that it survived the journey (in a cardboard box, with cool packs at the bottom, lined with tin foil).

White Zucchini Confetti Celebration Cake

This recipe is based on i am baker’s White Zucchini Cake and Cookies and Cups’ Confetti Cake.


130g sugar
250g flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

95g vegetable shortening

1 tsp vanilla
2/3 cups milk

3 egg whites

130g shredded zucchini
40g sprinkles


Stir the dry ingredients together.

Rub in the shortening.

Stir in the the vanilla and milk. You may need to add some more milk.

Add the egg whites. Stir until well incorporated.

Stir in the zucchini and sprinkles by hand.

Pour into two round 18cm cake tins, greased and lined with parchment. Bake in a preheated oven (180°C) for about 45 minutes. Let cool in the tins for a few minutes before turning out on a wire rack and allow to cool completely.


I sandwiched the cakes together and frosted them with a chocolate buttercream frosting, following Cookies and Cups’ Easy Chocolate Buttercream recipe. I used 85g milk chocolate and 85g dark chocolate with 230g butter.


And to make it really pretty and suitable for the occasion, I added little sugar hearts as decoration.



When all the other guests had gone, this is what was left:


Master Meike’s Kitchen and I stayed until Tuesday when we came back home on the train. We had a few lovely days with our friends and I’m sure we’ll do this again soon.


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