Dropping a clanger and other things….

Have you ever wondered what dropping a clanger really means? Where the expression comes from?

I have.

(I don’t get out much.)

And then I came across a recipe for Bedfordshire Clangers in Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds. He says that “clanging” may derive from an old East Midlands word meaning “eating with great relish”. These clangers are like the original Cornish pasties, with a savoury side and a sweet side, mains and dessert in one. So if you dropped one, you’d just lost yourself a whole meal. Definitely not good!


Master Meike’s Kitchen and I will be traveling North again tomorrow and I thought these would be the perfect lunch items. This time we’ve been invited to a Christening (his Godmother’s youngest girl, my Goddaughter’s baby sister) and the Godmother-to-be is giving us a lift. I’ve only found out this evening that we won’t be leaving until noon so they’ll probably have to be a late lunch snack item. Or something.

Anyway. I had too much filling and the pastry was too sticky and too thin. And then I didn’t preheat the oven to the correct temperature. But – they look alright, they smell tasty and so far they’ve not broken apart…




The recipe for the Clangers can be found here. I’ve also returned to the Bread book, still Paul Hollywood, to try out the Malt Loaf. I love the bought ones in England but these are lovely too. Mine didn’t rise as much as I expected them to in a two-hour period but the consistency is great, not too dense but not too fluffy either. Just right. The recipe is on the BBC website.



One of the loaves will also join us tomorrow on our travels. I’m hoping that the raisins will keep it fresh.

And in my next post I will tell you all about a special Christening and a Christening cake…


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