French-Style Apple Tart

I’ve got a number of tried and tested apple cake / tart recipes but every now and so often it seems mandatory to try something new. In this hour of need I turned to Paul Hollywood and his Pies and Puds. He’s got a lovely recipe for a French-Style Apple Tart.


Mr Hollywood’s version on the left, my efforts on the right…

The base is a sweet shortcrust pastry which turned out nice and flaky. For the first time ever, I did that thing of draping the rolled out pastry over my rolling pin to put it in the tart form. Unfortunately I had a soggy bottom (and we don’t want that, do we?) but I believe that’s Miss Meike’s Kitchen’s fault. Her naptime was coming up and my plan was to peel and slice the apples and finish the tart when she’s in bed so I put the frangipane on the pastry. Wrong! She didn’t want a nap. She stood up in her cot and wanted to talk to me. So I took the apples and everything else with me and sat on the floor in the corridor outside her room. We had the door open and had a chat while I got on with things. But of course it all took longer than expected… In the end, by the way, she didn’t sleep at all during the day. I think we’re at that point where we soon won’t have any naps during the day anymore. Bye bye, lovely cup of tea with my feet up in the mornings! 🙂


I’ve already mentioned that there’s a frangipane layer. I’ve never (knowingly at least) tasted on of them before nor made one but I quite like it. I mean I like marzipan and the taste is very similar, all almonds.


For some reason my sugar on top of the apples didn’t caramelise. It turned more crusty which is a shame. The original recipe also calls for warmed apricot jam to glaze the tart. I didn’t do that- I was too mean to open a jar of apricot jam just for a couple of spoonfuls… It was lovely though. Even without. Master Meike’s Kitchen had about three slices… And it was really nice with vanilla ice cream. Yum.


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