Baking Bread 27

Saturday was my baking day. I haven’t got round to writing about it because I’ve only got peace to do so in the evenings and for the past three nights I was busy to start my new knitting project. I’m quite new to knitting and I’m making a scarf for Master Meike’s Kitchen. My mum made one for him when he was born and last winter it was already getting a short. I can’t tell you how many times I started and unravelled it again after a few rows. It was horrible! But you see, I had to work it out and get the project going before I had my mind free to start thinking about bread again… And yesterday evening came the breakthrough, suddenly it’s working. (I did one of those yarn over thingies wrong so of course it wouldn’t work….) It’s not much (yet) but I’m very pleased about it:


But I wasn’t going to talk about knitting, was I? I had a baking day on Saturday morning, as I’ve mentioned. It keeps happening that I plan to make, say, two types of bread and while in the process I think to myself, why not make another one? The oven is hot… And there goes number three!

This happened again on Saturday. I’d planned to make a Rye and Spelt Bread I’ve made before and a Sonnenblumenbrot (sunflower bread) which I’ve also made before. I like them both a lot and it’s odd I don’t make them more often. I’m actually surprised I’ve made them only twice this year. And then I decided to throw in a Spotted Soda Loaf for good measure, I seem to be making this one a lot recently. The last time was just the other day



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