Tomato-Ricotta Tarte

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in tomatoes so I didn’t really fancy writing about them as well but now I’m planning a baking day tomorrow so I ought to, really.


For some reason, I’ve not been able to pick our tomatoes when they’re ripe. Every time I checked on them, they were either just slightly underripe or already soft to the touch and bursting. So I usually ended up with a large amount of them that needed to be dealt with quickly. Over the course of four days, there were four kilos. They ended up in two big salads, tomato chutney, tomato salsa, passata di pomodoro and a canned carrot-zucchini-pumpkin-tomato kind of stew.



Above are the vegetables for the canned stew, ready to be roasted. I’m pleased to say that everything, even the onions, are from our garden. That stew can be used as a pizza base or for a pasta sauce. It’s a nice thing to have handy during winter when those kind of vegetables aren’t in season.

The recipe for the Tomato-Ricotta Tarte is here and I didn’t really change anything. I don’t have any buckwheat flour so I replaced it with whole wheat flour and the goats cream cheese I replaced with a cow’s milk “feta”. The tarte is beautiful! Warm or cold, doesn’t matter. Delicious!

I found the idea of freezing the tarte before blind baking rather interesting. However, I ran out of time (lunch that day was very, very late) so I skipped that step. But I can report: no soggy bottom!


Miss Meike’s Kitchen and I have taken another trip to the mill to stock up on wheat flour. I went for the 5 kg bags this time. With the amount of baking I do it won’t go off. The miller himself carried it back to the car for me while his wife and kids manned the shop. It’s a very friendly place to go!



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