Baking Bread 26 and other things

I’ve got to catch up on two baking days … and one of them was a night.

My mum was going to preserve some plums but the ones that my dad preped for her were too ripe so I got them to make jam. I’ve got a recipe where the plums are cooked in the oven for hours with brown sugar, vanilla, star anise and cinnamon sticks. It gets lovely and sticky and has quite a different taste to plum jam cooked on the hob. I don’t know which website I got the recipe from but here is one exactly the same. No photos because even though the smell and taste are delicious and wonderful, the look of it is not.

In the meantime I thought I’d bake the bread I had actually planned for the following day but my sourdough starter was bubbling away nicely so ahead I went. The spelt bread I made last time is lovely but not an everyday bread for me, it’s more something for Mr Meike’s Kitchen. I need proper grains… I made the 3-Korn-Vollkorn-Brot that I’ve made before because it’s proper whole meal but … I didn’t have any whole spelt flour so it’s more a 2-Korn-Vollkorn. I only used wheat and rye, a bit more of each to make up the total amount. It tastes alright. I suppose it may have been a bit lighter with added spelt. Since it was quite late, I also wasn’t much in the mood for kneading but I’m not sure whether that would have made a difference. I also think my scales were off because the bread tastes decidedly salty and I had a feeling while weighing it out that the display wasn’t moving for too long. There’s a saying here: if the bread is too salty, the baker’s in love…


I cut the first slices about 18 hours after baking and – even though the slices are out of focus – you can see that the bread was still too fresh; there are those fluff-like bits at the bottom of the slices (wow, three lines and three times the word “slices” in it, must be a record….)


These slices were cut another 24 hours after the first ones:


The next day I made a Carrot and Coriander Quiche for lunch. I made it once before, a couple of weeks after my Goddaughter was christened in 2011. In a few weeks time, her baby sister will be christened. Funny coincidence.

A very similar recipe can be found here. Strictly speaking I don’t think it actually is a quiche since it sits on a yeast dough, more akin to a pizza base. My filling also contains bacon which adds a bit of texture.

This year’s crop of carrots has been exceptional:


The dough for the base rose beautifully, thanks to an overload of yeast (one sachet for 250g flour), making it resemble a deep-crust pizza:


I left out the chilli because of the kids but it’s tasty without. It’s lovely warm or cold.


And while the dough was rising, I made Dan Lepard’s Spotted Soda Bread which I’ve made before. Kindergarten has started again after three weeks summer holidays so I wanted to have something nice to go into Master Meike’s Kitchen’s lunchbox – to go with his cheese and red currant jam sandwiches he’s developed an extreme fondness for. That concoction was his idea, by the way, although it’s something I could have come up with for sure…

It’s only a small loaf and I really don’t know why I bother to freeze half of it. I only defrost it again the next day.



Anyway, that is the last of the “normal” wheat flour used up. I’ve only got whole wheat left, spelt and all the rye flours so there’s a trip to t’ mill scheduled for next week!


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