Zucchini Bars

Right. We’re not done yet with the zucchini recipes. I actually still had some grated left over in the fridge from last time.

I’ve found this recipe for Zucchini Bars with Browned Butter Frosting. I love browned butter. My grandmother used to make it to go with some desserts, or sweet mains, and I just love the smell and taste. It takes me back to my childhood. So in a nostalgic way, I like these recipes with browned butter.


I halved the amount of sugar for the zucchini bars and I used brown sugar. I knew that the frosting would be very sweet so it does work. The frosting is delicious. For me, it’s too sweet on its own – but that didn’t deter Master Meike’s Kitchen who ate half his slice but all the frosting…

I’m also not quite sure what all the black spots in the frosting are. Some are vanilla but other just appeared when I was browning the butter. Did I burn it?!

And I used the wrong pan to bake it in. Maths isn’t my strongest point and somewhere while converting inches into centimetres in my head it went topsy turvy. I ended up with very flat bars but it doesn’t matter. The taste is there. But next time I will use a smaller pan.




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