Tomato-Mozzarella Tart & Caribbean Sunrise Muffins

It may be bread week on the Great British Bake Off but bread was not on my to-do list yesterday. I made a tart for lunch and muffins for dessert.

One of my auntie’s subscribes to the German magazine ARD Buffet which accompanies a TV programme. It’s very similar to the BBC Good Food Magazine. When she’s done with the magazines, I get them, usually six to 12 months later… So luck would have it that the other day I grabbed the August 2013 issue with a feature on tomato recipes. We’ve got some wonderful plants with great fruit this year so I thought it would be interesting to try something new.

I made a Tomato-Mozzarella Tart. The recipe is not on their website and I didn’t change it sufficiently to call it my own so just let me tell you that the base is shortcrust pastry. I put some wholemeal flour with the plain and there’s also some added fresh thyme. I should have taken some pictures because the process of making it produced some wonderful still lifes. The base which would probably benefit from blind baking (I didn’t do it) is covered with finely chopped mozzarella mixed with parsley, salt, pepper and chilli powder. Halved tomatoes are arranged on top of this cut side up. More of the same mozzarella mix goes into the gaps between the tomatoes. And finally everything is covered in a mix of sour cream and eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Obviously it goes into the oven and when it comes out, the tomatoes are hotter than the centre of the earth. I let it cool down so it was just warm when we had it and it was lovely. The kids liked it (always a good indicator!), I liked it. I had another slice in the evening, cold, straight from the fridge, and that was very nice too.

Here are some shots, in the typical messy Meike-style:



You know the usual logic of “since the oven is already hot, I might as well bake something else” … I had already some pineapple, including the juice, for this recipe in the freezer. We’ve got some fantastic carrots in the garden so this was all perfect for Caribbean Sunrise Muffins.

The recipe is from the BBC Good Food Magazine but it can also be found here. The only change I’ve made is – you can all sing along by now, I’m sure – a third less sugar for both types. These are really lovely muffins, so moist and tasty.

We took them to my auntie’s where we went to in the afternoon. We also had a bit of White Zucchini Cake left which I had kept back on purpose. I wanted to see how long it would stay fresh because Master Meike’s Kitchen and I are invited to a Christening next month and I’ve offered to bring a cake. However, we will be traveling there the day before so the cake will be at least two days old before we’ll have it. And I think it’ll be fine. The cake was still nice yesterday and by then I had baked the cakes four days before and frosted it a day later. My auntie asked for a second slice so there you have it. And she also kept a muffin for breakfast today… Everybody’s happy!



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