White Zucchini Cake

You may have noticed that I’ve recently made a couple of recipes involving zucchini. We had Zucchini Brownies and Zucchini Snickers Cookies. I’ve also made Zucchini and Cheese Crusted Chicken Nuggets and they were really nice, just with a salad. I used only half the quantities of spice and substituted half the amount of cornflakes with oats and this worked out lovely.

Anyway, our zucchini plant has a habit of hiding fruit so we only find them when they’re the size of a newborn baby. Therefore I’m always looking for new ideas of what to do with it (I’ve actually got a board on Pinterest dedicated to zucchini recipes (that’s so saaaaad…).

On Sunday, we ended up having a zucchini menu. By accident, I hasten to add, not by design. The only thing missing was a zucchini soup as starter but there was no need to exaggerate. We had Cheesy Zucchini Rice as our main and the kids absolutely loved it. Miss Meike’s Kitchen had some from the leftovers this evening. She had actually asked for it. Really wonderful. And easy to make. It would go well with grilled meat or fish.

And for dessert, we’d made a White Zucchini Cake. The kids helped bake the cake the day before and this time they were really helping. I was impressed. I didn’t change anything about the cake recipe, apart from the third less sugar. We frosted the cake with Chocolate Frosting and it all goes really well together. A wonderful dessert and there’s no way of guessing that it contains zucchini.




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