Zucchini Snickers Cookies

Guess what, I’ve been baking again… And so have Mister and Master Meike’s Kitchen. They went for Rock Cakes, a recipe they know by heart by now and can knock up in no time.

Here’s the pair of them mixing and shaping the Rock Cakes:



The Rock Cakes are also being counted before going into the oven:


Aaaaaaand ……. they’re done!


In the meantime, I was mixing too – using this recipe for Zucchini Snickers Cookies from I am Baker. I used a third less honey, also only two Snickers bars (or rather the weight equivalent in fun-size ones) and I didn’t bother piping melted chocolate on top. Let’s just say, they’re lovely. Even Mr Meike’s Kitchen, who’d normally not touch a Snickers because of the peanuts, really liked them. One thing though I’d do differently next time: I used a tablespoon to portion the dough onto the baling sheet and I find the cookies are a bit big. Half the size would be alright too so next time, I’d use my (biggish) teaspoons.

The butter creamed with the honey and the added egg had a lovely colour:


And the finished cookies:


I reckon our biscuit tin is not going to stay full for long! 🙂


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