Baking Bread 23

I had a big baking day yesterday.

I made Paul Hollywood’s Bloomer. (The recipe is here.) I doubled the quantities to make two loaves but unfortunately they didn’t rise that well. I also realised the other day that the German equivalent for strong bread flour is not what I thought it was. I’ve always used type 1050 when a recipe asked for strong bread flour but apparently that’s a darker flour and would be the equivalent of very strong bread flour (which I’ve never seen in an ingredients list). Anyway, I tried it with a lighter flour this time (type 812) and to be honest, I can’t see a difference. The bread seems to be the same colour as before and it tastes the same to me.

Mister Meike’s Kitchen is happy and that’s all that matters. 😉


I also made Muesli Buns. I’ve made them before and the kids really like them. This time I used a muesli laden with strawberries, apricots, mangoes and sour cherries for the buns. For the outside it was the Bircher muesli again since this would, in theory, work really well if I didn’t keep forgetting that raisins on the outside of baked good have a tendency to burn. They taste good though and the kids still love them.


Last but not least I tried out Dan Lepard’s Linseed and Wheat Bread from The Handmade Loaf. (The recipe can be found here.) I made two small batons, from a total of 250g flour, and they were lovely. We had them with a stew for lunch and the kids loved them. They are rather crispy on the outside and lovely chewy on the inside. On the downside, they were rather dry the second day, which could have been due to them being so small. Maybe I’ll scale up the quantities next time to make a bigger loaf. Again, a winner!




2 thoughts on “Baking Bread 23

    • Thank you! And thank you for visiting my page.
      I just had a quick look at your “Back to Baking Basics” and I think I’ll have to have a thorough read through your articles there. They sound very interesting and informative.

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