Second Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday it was Miss Meike’s Kitchen’s second birthday. This called for some special efforts from the baking department, i.e. me.

We had lovely, freshly baked Geburtstagsbrötchen (birthday rolls), or Sonntagsbrötchen (Sunday rolls) for breakfast. The recipe is here. I didn’t change anything but made a couple of mistakes that I got aware of when it was too late to do anything about them – I still got good results that we all enjoyed.


The pièce de résistance however was the birthday cake, as it should be really.

Miss Meike’s Kitchen is not particularly into owls (she’s into Octonauts and cars) but I’ve lately made a lot of owl-related birthday presents for other children so owls are on my mind. Besides which, owls are cool. And I had already found a fantastic Owl Cake recipe. So an owl cake it was. I reduced the sugar to 300g and forgot the vanilla but it turned out really nice. It wasn’t too much work to decorate the cake and it was easy enough so that even my limited skills, or rather limited experience, were sufficient.









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