For Christmas (I know that’s an awful long time ago), we got a three-months spice box subscription from The Spicery but since they all required fresh vegetables that aren’t in season round here in the middle of winter we postponed cooking our curries until the veg was, more or less, in season.

We had a Madras Night and a Biryani Night and the last one, we had it on Sunday, was a Dopiaza Night. The ingredients were slightly different on our recipe but it was, once again, a fantastic curry. Even my mother, who is not a friend of Asian cuisine, enjoyed it very much.

With all the curries we found that they required quite a lot of prep work (but this can be done a day in advance) and the actual cooking process is lengthy too. But it’s all worth it! The curries are for four persons but they are rather generous and we always had leftovers.


The Dopiaza comes with a Brinjal Bhaji (aubergine and tomatoes), a red lentil Dhal with a savoury Tarka (with garlic, chillies, curry leaves and cumin) and a green chilli Raita (with mint and fresh coriander). This is all served with chapattis or naan. I opted to make some naan as I’ve made it before and think I know what I’m doing.


I’ve got an Indian cookery book called Cooking for Today. Classic Indian Cooking. Step-by-Step (Parragon, 1997) and I’ve cooked a couple of recipes from it which have all turned out well. It’s also my book of choice for naan. (And the dough can prove overnight in the fridge, definitely a good thing!) Master Meike’s Kitchen liked it so much, he took leftovers to Kindergarten yesterday and today.



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