Individual Apricot Pies

Does it ever happen to you that you’re left sitting at the table after a meal, the family having gone off to do other things, and you’re idly leafing through a recipe book (as you do…) and you come across a recipe which tickles your fancy, you’ve got all ingredients at hand, and in between getting the children ready for bed (or whatever) you start prepping for your recipe?

Well, that happened to me last night. I was finishing my cup of tea while I was looking through Pies and Puds. Yes. That one. Again. And I came across his recipe for Individual Fruit Pies.

I had some lovely French apricots and decided I’ll try that filling. Some Amaretto was also left in the bottle so all was well. I cooked the filling before getting the kids ready for bed, and once they were in bed, made the dough. A chilling time of 15 minutes is also easy to fit in, the pies are easy to assemble – so they were done in no time.

I did reduce the sugar in the filling by a third but that left the pies quite tart. (Boom! Boom! I’ll get my coat.) So next time, I’ll put in the full amount. The other thing I noticed was that I really need a bun tray or something similar. I made these pies in my muffin tray (since this is all I got, poor me) and I’ve got a feeling they would have turned out much nicer. So this is now on my shopping list…


They don’t quite look like Mr Hollywood’s:



All in all another lovely recipe from this lovely book!


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