Lavender and Spice and all things nice…

I haven’t told you yet that Mr Meike’s Kitchen got me Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds the other week. It’s awfully nice of him, considering he always takes the mickey out of me for liking “that adulterer” (not my words!). Hohum. I love beautiful recipe books that you can just sit and peruse for ages – and this is one of them.

So, I’ve been baking again.


I made Paul Hollywood’s Lavender Biscuits (even though I spelt them wrong in the above picture), which was a huge experiment. I’m not keen on flower tastes in cooking or baking. But for some odd reason I thought it would be a good idea to try these biscuits. The recipe is here and for once I haven’t made any changes whatsoever. I probably left them in the oven for slightly too long. But that’s about it. The first biscuit I tried, I wasn’t excited. It was that soapy lavender aftertaste. But that stopped being an issue after the next couple of biscuits. And my neighbour, who received the wrapped up goodies in the picture above likes them too. And the kids like them too, surprisingly. So now I’m a convert to putting flowers into baked goods…


You’ve already seen them in the picture, I’ve gone back to my cinnamon rolls obsession. This time I made these Cinnamon-Cardamom Buns. Again, I didn’t change anything (this is now getting slightly worrying…) apart from leaving the buns in the fridge overnight before baking them in the morning, basically following the method of the Overnight Cinnamon Buns I tried a few weeks ago. The dough is much richer though so it didn’t rise much but they taste lovely. I’m thinking to mix up those two recipes to get a lighter dough but with the cardamom taste. I also like the idea of having a cinnamon-sugar-butter for the filling instead of just cinnamon and sugar. I also ran out of filling so one quarter of the buns got lemon curd which had been sitting at the back of the fridge for yonks. The buns were quite small so I didn’t dare putting them into the shape suggested in the original recipe and just stuck to rolls. They look nice and they taste lovely. I also think I prefer them without frosting. The kids most certainly do. So we won’t bother in future. I’ve got a couple of bags of these buns in the freezer but I’m already thinking about the next lot. That can’t be good… 🙂




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