Lactation Cookies

Something quite different for a change…

I did mention shortly after Easter that my cousin just had her first baby and we finally got round to seeing the young family yesterday.

A little while ago, I came across a recipe for Lactation Cookies and it had never occurred to me before that something as nice as cookies could be beneficial for breastfeeding. I used to drink mugs and mugs of herbal tea – if anyone had told me about these (or, even better, made them for me) I would have been over the moon.

So I decided to try them out on my cousin, not that she’s got any problems in that department but as a nice gesture. I more or less stuck to the recipe… 🙂 I only used half the amount of sugar after comparing this recipe with my favourite Oat & Raisin Cookies. However, I used dark chocolate and if I make them again, I’ll use milk chocolate. The cookies could have done with a little more sweetness. Obviously I tried them and they are very nice. They make a lovely present for a young mum!



I forgot a few ingredients on my label but I did put them in the actual cookies… 😉

We used the opportunity for a bit of sightseeing and had a look around the lovely town of Ladenburg so let me share a few non-baking related pictures with you.


The picture in the middle of the bottom row shows guerrilla crochet. I’ve never seen it “live” before.


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