Baking Bread 20

Oh yes… I’ve been baking again. And it’s not just been me. It’s been a whole baking day. Mr Meike’s Kitchen made a superb Toad in the Hole for lunch and later on knocked up a batch of Rock Cakes. I swear he doesn’t even need to look at the recipe anymore. And I stocked up on Bread. I made a Bauernbrot, which I’ve made before and tried out another Dan Lepard recipe. I’ve tried four now – and three of them contain raisins… 😉

This time I thought I actually work on my technique and there’s a section in The Homemade Loaf that describes – in words and pictures – how to shape dough into a baton. I usually do round loaves so why not extend my repertoire to oblongs?

Here’s the Bauernbrot:



And now to the latest Dan Lepard recipe, a Cassis and Currant Loaf. I’ve wanted to make that for a little while because I knew I had a little bit of cassis left in the bottle… The recipe is out there on the interwebs… I used half currants, half sultanas because that’s what I had. It was a very sticky dough and is now a dense loaf but it works like that. It tastes lovely and it’s got that dark brown colour from the rye flour. As with the Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf, I found that the baking times and temperature given in the book were not quite right. For the last fifteen minutes I turned the temperature down and the raisins sticking out are still quite burnt. So that’s something I need to keep an eye on when I bake this again but apart from that – three stars.*

* My star rating is as follows: one star = try out this recipe; two stars = tried it but won’t make that again and three stars = keep the recipe, make it again. Differentiate further and it gets too complicated… 😉



We had a bit of a tasting session:


Top: today’s Cassis and Currant Loaf
Middle: Spotted Soda Loaf
Middle right: today’s Bauernbrot
Bottom: Simple Milk Loaf
Middle left: Roggensauerteigbrot (rye sourdough bread)


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