Baking Bread 18, a Jam Tart and Cinnamon Buns

Oh yes. We’ve got soem catching up to do because I’ve got to bake some bread for Mr Meike’s Kitchen’s return on Thursday and there’s a few things from the weekend and even from the days before.

Before I got all my lovely new flour, I decided to make a rye sourdough bread, pure rye, nothing else (mainly because there wasn’t anything else left in the flour box). I tried out this recipe, which I more or less adhered to… Apart from the little fact that I didn’t have that particular rye flour so came up with a mix and it didn’t end well. It only occurred to me this evening what was up with my bread. It tastes like pumpernickel, which is fine when that’s what you want and expect but is decidedly odd when you expect ‘just a rye bread’. The loaf looked impressive though…


And then I made some, three to be precise, jam tarts for the kids and me for dessert. I had a tiny amount of hot water pastry in the freezer from New Year’s Eve. Every year, since New Year’s Eve 2008, I’ve made a New Year’s pie using hot water pastry. The recipe has evolved a bit since the kids were born to make it child-friendly but it’s more or less as it’s printed in Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook. If you stick around long enough, you’ll hear more about it at the end of the year. Anyway, I baked a tiny amount of pastry as a shell but unfortunately to put in any weights so they flared up. It was possible though to fill them with two teaspoons of jam (the bright red one is strawberry, the more matt one is strawberry with gooseberry). The kids liked them so everything was alright.



For quite some time I’ve been reading recipes and looking at (i.e. drooling over) pictures of cinnamon rolls. I’ve collected a couple of recipes, enough to warrant their own board on Pinterest. And now it was time to try one out. I decided to make these Overnight Cinnamon Buns. The idea of leaving them overnight in the fridge appealed to me immensely so I prepared the dough and the buns while watching the World Cup. The only changes I made to the recipe were the obligatory 30% less sugar and I used kefir instead of buttermilk. And I also messed up the frosting, I reduced the sugar too much and put too much milk in so it was a rather too sticky affair. The taste was fine though, we absolutely loved them. Oh, and I made them smaller. The recipe is for 8 large buns, I made 16 and some of them were pretty massive. I’m also very sorry I didn’t take a picture before the buns went into the fridge to prove overnight. The rise was spectactular! I can only recommend this recipe!






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