Baking Bread 17 and some Empanadas

… and something else. A teaser because this post hasn’t really got anything to do with a berry tartlet. The other day, when I made that Strawberry Cake, I also made a small base with the intention of using it for a quick desert one of these days. I froze it and it defrosted really quickly on the day. Then I covered it with sliced bananas, spread with a mix of quark, yogurt and puréed berries sweetened with a bit of agave syrup. Serve chilled and it’s really nice.


You know I’ve been running out of flours. We’ve been out of wheat for what feels like ages so spelt has been the grain of choice. I found a spelt bread recipe on Pinterest and it caught my attention because it sounds so mad.
One sachet of yeast for 300g of flour? It’s enough for 500g. Double the recipe, like me, and it sounds even madder: two sachets for only 600g. And I’m not even talking about the suggested 42g of fresh yeast in the original recipe which on its own can be enough for 1000g of flour. I think the massive amount of yeast is supposed to make up for the missing second rise because there is only one rise for 30 minutes and then the bread is baked.
It comes out really lovely though, light and airy. I made one loaf in a small tin and a round one in my 20cm-springform tin but it would have comfortably gone into a large loaf tin so I’ll do that next time. I’ve already changed a few other things but I want to try it with less yeast and a second rise before I write up my spelt bread recipe.





And then there was dinner. Silly me decided to make Empanadas. I’ve got a recipe where the pastry dough is made in a food processor so I thought I’d give that a try. I’d never made dough in one before. I should have stuck to what I know and made it by hand. It was a case of very bad over-working. The dough was so sticky, I was about to leave everyone without dinner and go to bed when Mr Meike’s Kitchen came to the rescue. With some emergency freezer treatment and loads of additional flower, we finally got a workable pastry although it was still quite sticky so we left out the step of rolling out sheets, brushing them with melted butter, stacking them and rolling them out again. We just didn’t want to make them any stickier. We were able to get some roundish shapes, get them filled (with refried beans, beef-carrot-green pepper mix and grated cheese) and closed. And in the end they came out of the oven and were very nice indeed. Even the pastry started being flaky out of its own accord… So it wasn’t a complete fail but could have been better.



To round matters off: We’ve been to t’mill and stocked up on flour….


***** EDIT: This post and its title originally referred to “Enchiladas”. That was wrong since enchiladas are are completely different kettle of fish. They are tortillas with a filling which are covered in sauce. What I made are very clearly empanadas. Thank you, Wikipedia, for clearing that one up! 🙂 *****


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