A Strawberry Cake

… and a bread picture. Let’s talk bread first, then cake.

I took a picture of the last slice Rye-Spelt-Flax Seed Sourdough and one of the Rye-Spelt-Flake Sourdough breads. (I really have to work harder at giving my breads nicer names. This is just awful! 😉 )


The former is the top one, the latter the bottom one. The Flax Seed is much darker (from the seeds) and also tasted more “grainy”. By the time I took the picture it was quite dry too… The Flakes is much lighter in texture and also tastes lighter. Saying all that, I think the lightness of the crumb in the Flakes is due to my actually attempting to knead it whereas the Flax Seed dough was only stirred through with a wooden spoon because I didn’t fancy sticky hands that day… From now on, it’ll be kneading every time. It really makes quite a difference even though this dough will drive you insane.

And now, for the cake.
My auntie and uncle were coming over the other day. So my mum (we live in the same house) asked me to make a cake. What cake? Strawberry. Alright then. On a sponge base? Yep. (Here in Germany sponge cakes that are topped with fruit are usually made without butter – just eggs, flour, sugar and a bit of baking powder.) Okay, I’ll make a custard to go between the sponge and strawberries otherwise that’ll be quite a boring cake. But only if you’ve got lactose-free milk – uncle has an intolerance, remember? No… Already made the custard… Well, we’ll have that for dessert then. No layer in between sponge and strawberries then. What do I do with the strawberries? Halve them? No. It’s a strawberry cake. Put them on whole. Really??? Yes. Strawberry cake. Alright. I did that. It’s a pain to keep them staying upright. The whole lot was then covered with a starchy-kind of glaze which is comes as a powder in a sachet and has to be boiled up in water with a bit of sugar so that it thickens. I don’t remember ever seeing something like that in England but I never looked as I’m not that keen. So I did that too and when it was all set, took it down. Ah, you haven’t put the glaze on yet? It’s on, all done. Oh.

Surprisingly enough, the cake went down a storm. There was only one slice left for us to take back up and I had to quickly take a picture before Master Meike’s Kitchen devoured that as well. I didn’t like the cake. The sponge was great, airy and light, tasting a bit different since I made it with spelt flour (still haven’t got round to going to the mill to stock up). The fruit layer was just stupid. The strawberries were too big and it kept falling apart. But what could I do? A strawberry cake. 🙂



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