Baking Bread 16

Time to bake bread again!

Since the last sourdough bread turned out rather nicely, I’ve used the same recipe again but with whole grain flakes instead of the flax seeds. It looks different and it tastes slightly different. And, obviously, once again, this is based on this recipe. So this is my Rye-Spelt-Flake Sourdough Bread:

175g dark rye flour
175g light rye flour
210g spelt flour
100g mixed whole grain flakes
1 sachet dried yeast
1/2 tsp sugar
20g salt
300ml water
Sourdough made from starter plus 375g rye flour and 300ml warm water, left covered for about 12 hours

Mix the flours and the whole grain flakes in a bowl.
Add the yeast to one side, the sugar and salt to another. Add the water and start mixing it together. Then add the sourdough and mix well.
Cover and leave to rise for about 30 minutes.
Dump the dough onto a baking sheet in roughly a round loaf shape (let’s not pretend this dough is in any way shapeable, it isn’t, just dump it). Dust with flour, cover with a tea towel and leave to rise for an hour (not longer!).
Preheat the oven to 225°C, pour two or three cups of water into a small baking tray and bake your bread for about 70 minutes.
Let the bread cool on a wire rack, then wrap it into a plastic bag and leave for 48 hours before slicing.

This time I thought I’d be clever and sliced my bread before the 48 hours were up. Don’t do it. It’ll still be too fresh.

I’ve also read a lot a out using baking stones for better results so I tried something different this time: I preheated in the oven the baking tray and just slid the loaf on the baking parchment onto the hot tray. I’m not quite sure whether it has made a difference because I think the tray wasn’t hot enough. I’ll keep experimenting.

The other thing I tried out was keeping the loaf in my spring form ring in order to get a higher loaf and stop it from spreading. This has actually worked really well and is quite advisable for this bread.



Top and bottom of this bread. I don’t think the bottom looks any different to a loaf put in the hot oven on a cold baking tray but then I never really looked…
And I did burn the top a bit. I was busy with the kids and couldn’t keep an eye on it during those last minutes. It wasn’t supposed to look quite that dark.



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