Baking Bread 14


We’re nearly out of bread again and Mr Meike’s Kitchen is on his way back home so this calls for fresh bread and in particular for white bread. The children have been poorly this week and I spent most of my time holding buckets, mopping up sick, changing horrible nappies – all sorts of lovely things. So I think it’s understandable that I wasn’t in the mood for one of my usual bakeathons. (But I’ve already planned more baking for tomorrow… The kids are much better, you see.)

Since I felt I’ve severely neglected Paul Hollywood’s recipes for some time, I’ve decided to bake two of them at once, not after one another, no, at the same time. These are two very similar recipes, the Bloomer and the Wholemeal Bread, both I’ve made before and linked to the recipes in the respective posts. I felt they’d be good to tackle together since they have similar rising and proving times and the baking times aren’t too different either. I baked them according to the Bloomer instructions and this has worked well. I took the Wholemeal Bread five minutes earlier out of the oven but I don’t think it would have made much difference if I’d left it in a bit longer.

It all worked out rather well – apart from the fact that I use different flour now and still haven’t got used to how much extra water it takes. Then I became impatient and added too much so the dough for the Bloomer was way too sticky and because I wanted to get the other one done as well, I didn’t knead it as much as I should probably have done and blahdiblah. I don’t really know why I moan because it’s turned out beautiful. I made it a lot last year and this is only the second time this year – maybe I’m out of practice.

The Wholemeal Bread needed a bit of improvisation; I’ve run out of whole wheat flour. Or rather, I had about 130g left so the remaining 270g were whole rye flour (is that what is called dark rye by the way?) and I have a feeling that they work completely differently. So that dough was quite dry (I didn’t dare add any more water…) and didn’t rise as much as I’d expected.

The other thing was that I put them both on the same baking tray for the second rise and the Bloomer ended up in a bit of an odd shape because it expanded into the edge of the tray and into the jar I used to holding up my plastic bag. It’s proper home-made… I also got an extremely odd look of Miss Meike’s Kitchen when I took her into the bathroom for a nappy change and had to take the baking tray off the changing commode first and explained to her why it had been there. I mean, come on! Surely at one year and nine months she should understand. After all, she can say “dough”, “bake” and “cake” in German… I think I’m doing pretty well. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Baking Bread 14

  1. Hi, Meike, You certainly make a great many different breads. I have recently been to meet and watch Paul Hollywood make bread, pastry and cakes. I will send you a great recipe later on tonight, which Paul demonstrated at the show. The best bread I make is an English White bloomer ( your husband ate most of it last night)! My husband likes beer bread when I knock it back I crumble Stilton and chopped walnuts into it and shape into tight round it’s good with cold meats. So glad I’ve found someone who is just as mad about baking as I am. Maddy

    • Thanks, Maddie! I’m so envious that you got to see Paul! And I do apologise for my husband eating most of your bread… Noone around me likes bread with beer so I’ve decided to let that one lie for the time being. Looking forward to your recipe! Meike

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