Mother’s Day Heart

Happy Mother’s Day!

Since I am the only one present in the house at the moment who is over five – that’s over five years of age and over five foot tall… – I more or less had to make my mother’s day cake myself. Oh, the kids did help but it would be massaging the truth too far to claim I was only assisting. Miss Meike’s Kitchen was trying to get her fingers in the bowl while it was on the scale and I was weighing ingredients out. Master Meike’s Kitchen did sieve the flour and cocoa powder and whatnot but then proceeded to stick his fingers into the dry stuff, trying to rub it together like he does when he’s making Rock Cakes with his dad. Ah, the joys of baking with children!

“We” (and I use this term in the loosest possible way) made the same sponge cake that I made for the Valentine’s Day Cake but I had my mind set on a different filling and on a different topping. When I say “I had my mind set”, I actually mean that I made it up as I went along. This chocolate sponge is a wonderfully moist cake, I actually think it doesn’t really need a filling.

This time though I spread some strawberry-gooseberry jam over the bottom sponge and topped that with very thick banana custard (I measured the puréed banana as part of the milk). I don’t think it really works. It may be the gooseberries in the jam or it may be that the jam doesn’t quite go with the custard. Either way, next time it’ll be either nothing or just custard.

I topped the heart with a chocolate cream. I melted odds and sods of cooking chocolate and two small Easter eggs (about 80g I think it was) in 175ml whipping cream over a low heat, let it cool and put it in the fridge overnight. I whipped it up this morning and spread it over the heart.

As far as decorations go, I then really couldn’t be bothered anymore – since I would be the only one taking notice. I used a cake fork to draw some lines over the heart and I actually think the cake looked really nice. Miss Meike’s Kitchen thought so too and immediately stuck her fingers into it… 🙂

So Happy Mother’s Day it is.



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