Rhubarb Cake


Fail! It’s great when you realise just after baking that the recipe is for a larger tin than the one you own and it would have made perfect sense to scale it down a bit but no. Oh no.

Anyways, I tried out this recipe and the Rhubarb-Sour Cream Cake tastes really nice. It makes a change from the rhubarb meringue pies… I actually didn’t change anything, even used the original quantities of sugar since the kiddiewinks aren’t too keen on rhubarb when it tastes too sour. Fair enough, I suppose.


Unfortunately the cake looks like a giant Yorkshire pudding in the picture above. Trust me, it didn’t look much better in real life. I don’t know why it burned – I’d covered it with foil halfway through baking because it was getting too dark. (And then I didn’t check it again because, you know, I’d covered it with foil…) Maybe Miss Meike’s Kitchen turned the oven up and I didn’t notice but I don’t think so. And then bits of the crust on the side of the cake stuck to the tin and so the cake collapsed a bit on one side, leaving it lopsided… Not my day!


It wasn’t the best looking cake and it didn’t look anything like the one in pictures in the other blog but it tasted nice. So for next time, I shall scale the quantities of the ingredients down to fit a smaller tin and I shall definitely keep a closer eye on the cake during baking. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I don’t forget… 🙂


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