Baking Bread 13

I’ve not had the opportunity for a big baking day so I had to spread it over two evenings (once the kids were in bed) and this worked a treat. I chose recipes that stated the dough to be left in the fridge overnight (as it turned out even nearly 20 hours weren’t a bad thing) or at least 16 hours.

My first bread was a Roggenmischbrot, a rye sourdough bread. The “misch”-bit means “to mix” and it refers to at least two different types of grain being used, in this case rye and wheat. First off though, I had to make a new sourdough starter. Sinbad I died unexpectedly the weekend before Easter. Actually, he didn’t really die but had grown a lot of blueish fur… So exactly 7 months after I started Sinbad I, I started Sinbad II. I followed the same formula (sort of never change a winning team) and it’s worked beautifully. It was also the same bread I made with Sinbad I for the first time. I used half light and half dark rye flour and wholemeal wheat flour too. I also added one teaspoon of bread spice (equal parts coriander, allspice and caraway). I forgot that I wasn’t keen on the recipe because the dough is so immensely sticky, you just can’t shape it. This time I just dumped it unceremoniously from my worktop straight onto a baking tray and baked it as a blob. It turned out a very good looking loaf, if I may say so myself. And it tastes really good. I’ve now copied the recipe in my bread recipe book so it shan’t be forgotten.


The second loaf was a toaster bread for Mr Meike’s Kitchen so we’re talking wheat flour, white wheat flour and nothing but. I made this Kastenweißbrot that I last made in January, surprisingly. It didn’t rise as well this time and I suppose that’s because I left it with me in the kitchen for the rise and didn’t put in the bathroom where it’s still warmer. Well, you live and learn. Still lovely though (she adds, defiantly…).


And last but not least: Muesli Buns, more or less the Breadangel recipe for Muesli Stangen. I followed the recipe but I would suggest if you use a fruit-heavy muesli, use just 2 tbsp of honey and if it’s more cereal flakes and nuts, use 3 tbsp. I also used only wholemeal flours. I made my buns smaller than the suggested Stangen (or “rods” in English) because I wanted them to fit into Master Meike’s Kitchen’s lunchboxes. After tasting them, that’s also definitely sufficient sizewise for a small person. Next time I’ll make them even a little smaller than they were this time so maybe do 14 instead of 12. And try to make them more evenly sized too… Mine ended up more oval-shaped than the Stangen . For the muesli as decoration I used a Bircher Muesli because I reckoned the smaller oats would be easier to stick to the buns. I’ll do that again. I also forgot to spray them with water before baking. Therefore they stayed rather soft instead of getting a crust (I suppose) but that was a good omission. Miss Meike’s Kitchen only has front teeth so she’s been able to eat them – and she loves them. Indeed, they are so great that I fully intent to make at least double next time. This was also the dough that I left in the fridge for about 20 hours instead of the overnight / all day stated in the recipe. I’m still very happy with them and I’ll definitely make them again.
I apologise for the odd lighting in the pictures. They were taken, after all, at night.





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