One-A-Day Cookies


This was some impromtu baking… I’d bought eggs, checked in the shop that they were ok but hadn’t noticed that one was cracked at the bottom with the shell stuck to the box. So obviously when I tried to take it out, the shell broke and there was a bit of a mess. And then I thought it better to use it up sooner rather than later, before it went bad. Cookies seemed to be a good idea but with Easter just gone and all the chocolate the kids got, chocolate cookies were out of the question and oat & raisin – always a good one but I didn’t fancy them. So I made Dan Lepard’s One-A-Day Cookies.

I haven’t made them in a long time and I’ve actually found them to be too sweet. I reduced the sugar to 60g for the white and 60g for the brown but we’ve been reducing sugar in baking recipes for over four years and I can’t imagine how sickly they must have been with the full amount. Next time, I’ll reduce it even more.
The recipe suggests a mixture of seeds; I used only sunflower this time since this was all I had available. I also didn’t toast them. It would have been nicer but I wanted a shortcut. Nothing more, nothing less. Also I think a mix of bigger and smaller seeds, such as sunflower and sesame, would work really well.
It is also suggested to replace the white sugar with a grated apple. I’ve tried this out before but I wasn’t that keen.
They go down really well. A couple of these served as a welcome home treat for my friend and neighbour. Master Meike’s Kitchen likes them in his lunchbox, and Miss Meike’s Kitchen and myself like them for elevenses… 🙂



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