Crumble & Cupcakes

This is a recap from the Easter weekend. It’s been quite busy – as you can imagine with two kids excited about the Easter bunny, an extended family to see, a baby born in Easter Monday (a girl to my cousin, congratulations!) and so on.

Our rhubarb is now ready for picking and so it was time for a crumble last Saturday. With custard, of course. I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe but put ground ginger into the crumble and what was left of the Rumble in the Crumble spice mix that I’ve mentioned here before. I also chopped up an orange and put that with the rhubarb. I wasn’t quite sure how the kids would like the rhubarb but in the end I needn’t have worried. Master Meike’s Kitchen isn’t bothered with anything that comes with custard – as long as he can have the custard as is… And Miss Meike’s Kitchen eats anything, bless her.


For Easter I tried my luck with cupcakes again. The last time I made some was last year Easter. I mean, it’s so demoralising – there are all those wonderful blogs out there with everybody making the most amazing cupcakes. And then there’s me. I can barely pipe. But if I don’t practise, I won’t get any better and I’m rather pleased with the way they looked. I tried out two tips but one of the wasn’t really suitable for my frosting. Or rather, the frosting was too soft for piping. It tasted nice though. I made two types, one with carrots and pineapple and the other one with rhubarb.
The recipe for the carrot and pineapple cupcakes can be found here; I didn’t fiddle with it, apart from reducing the sugar. We weren’t actually that keen. They were quite dry and very nutty. I’ve got a similar muffin recipe that is much nicer so I’ll stick to that in the future.




I decorated the cupcakes – as you can see – with mini eggs and malteser bunnies. The kids were more keen on the bunnies.

The rhubarb cupcakes we did like. They were lovely and moist and quite subtle in flavour. The frosting was just very green… 🙂 I probably used too much woodruff syrup but the taste wasn’t overpowering. I think you’d only taste it if you knew it was there. The recipe is also available here. I wouldn’t reduce the sugar as much as I’d normally do because the rhubarb can be quite tart.




I thought they looked quite alright and my family – as is their duty – was full of admiration… 😉



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