Birthday Cake for Mr Meike’s Kitchen

It was supposed to be something fantastic, something extraordinary. But then, while baking, I thought it was all a horrible mistake. All the separate components tasted awful or wrong on their own. Actually that’s not true, one was truly a revelation. But more later.



I made this sprinkles cake using a recipe I’d found on Cookies & Cups, one of my favourite blogs. I stuck to the recipe – more or less: I used only half the amount of sugar and still found the cake rather sweet and I also used smaller baking tins so the cakes were thicker.


I made a white chocolate frosting as filling, again using a recipe from Cookies & Cups. This was actually a revelation. Butter and choc are melted together, cooled and then put in the fridge overnight. It goes solid again, of course, but then you whip it up and it’s amazingly fluffy. And delicious. This is definitely a keeper.

Next step in the process was streusel as topping. The recipe is here (omit the cinnamon and put in sprinkles) but we found them too salty so, if there is a next time, I’d use only half the amount of salt.

I also used Cookie & Cups’ recipe for buttercream but I balked at the amount of sugar and bottled it after I’d put in half the amount given in the recipe. It was still alright albeit a bit greasy at first. It was fine once the cake had been chilled.

And now the fun bit: assembling the cake.


It was one of the sprinkles cakes at the bottom, then the white chocolate frosting, the second sprinkles cake, everything covered in buttercream and then sprinkles streusel on top.

All in all, a lot of work but well worth it in the end.



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