Easter Bunnies & Fish

I’ve done some seasonal baking but because Miss Meike’s Kitchen was “helping” me, I was too busy stopping her from eating the flour and not concentrating on the recipe. It was a bit of a disaster, actually. I used my grandmother’s tried and tested recipe for cookies but I wanted to halve it. I halved the butter and the flour but put in the whole quantity of eggs so the dough was too soft, then I reduced the sugar content by a third but forgot to halve it so it was also too sweet … and then I put a very generous amount of vanilla in too. It was even generous for the full recipe. Doh! I have decided to write the halved quantities into my recipe book. Maybe that will help…
I’ll share the recipe when I don’t mess it up…
We (I) made bunnies and also some little fish. I thought they would be rather suitable for Good Friday.
I glazed them all – some more, some less. The darker bunnies, alright the little bit burnt bunnies, got an all-over white glaze. I then coloured the glaze brown with some cocoa powder in order to add detail to the bunnies such as the tail and eye. The little fishies got an interesting metallic-looking colour. I just added red, yellow, green and blue food colouring to the brown glaze, didn’t mix it in properly and got varying colours. I know there are bloggers out there who do the most amazing and wonderful things with cake decorations but I’m such an amateur, it’s unbelievable. It doesn’t help not to have the right equipment and so I just muddle through. I’m getting better though. Honest.






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