Something different: Pizza and a Saucy Monkey

I made pizza for lunch the other day. I used my tried and tested dough recipe although I had to make an impromptu wholemeal pizza after I discovered that Mr Meike’s Kitchen had left me no plain flour after a nightly Rock Cakes-making session. I used strong bread flour and whole wheat flour. I also left the dough to rise and prove which is actually not necessary with this recipe but it does improve the flavour and consistency of the baked base.

(Taken from a little book called Pizzas and Melts [1995] by Anne Wilson)
7g dried yeast
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 l warm water
375g plain flour (or 225g plain or strong flour and 150 g whole meal)

Mix yeast, salt, sugar and water. Cover. Leave in a warm place until it starts to bubble.
Put flour into a bowl and add the yeast-water mixture. Mix and knead. You can now leave the dough to rise in a covered bowl or shape it into your requires pizza base shape.
When you’ve shaped your dough, you can leave it to prove but again, it’s not necessary.

I sprinkled a mix of semolina and flour onto my base before putting the topping on.
My toppings this time were a bit odd. I used up a jar of preserved summer veg (loosely based on this recipe: I more or less followed the instructions but used different veg) and because that wasn’t enough, some ketchup. On top of that went salami slices and Fleischwurst (apparently this is called ‘German bologna’ in American English but I don’t remember what it is in British English, Aldi used to sell it there and probably still does…). In the gaps I put some cooked baby carrots. And now for the cheese… Slices of Old Amsterdam, a mature gouda, on top of the meat and grated Emmental over everything. Have I mentioned that I was using up leftovers? That’s why that pizza was slightly odd. But it tasted nice, the kids ate it and we had leftovers from the leftover pizza…
The pizza is baked in a preheated oven (210°C) for 25 minutes.


The following day we indulged in various leftovers for lunch and I made a Saucy Monkey for dessert. I’d kept a cutting of that recipe for nearly ten years – or so I thought. When I came to making it, I couldn’t find it but there’s always Google… Get your recipe here since the only thing I changed was the amount of sugar in the sponge. I used about 60g. Actually, I changed something else. Mr Meike’s Kitchen isn’t keen on nuts so I replaced the Brazil nuts with desiccated coconut. (Don’t ask. I know.) We all thought it was a really nice dessert. I made it in a smaller dish than the one recommended in the recipe but that way you get a lovely thick sugar crust on top. I was a bit disappointed because I thought the butter, banana and sugar in the bottom of the dish would turn into more of a caramel-type sauce. It didn’t but it was still lovely and gooey. I tried it with some plain yoghurt instead of cream and that worked really well. I can also imagine custard or vanilla ice cream to complement it.



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