Baking Bread 5

With the stock in the freezer depleted, I had to put in a baking morning. I was so engrossed in what I was doing I completely forgot to take pictures. Doh!

I spent about three hours and a half, not continuously but in spurts, and even with the kids being round, it worked really well. I actually make a timetable when I bake more than one thing in the same session so I know what to do when. I also weigh out all the ingredients the night before. Always remember the six Ps: Proper Planning Prevents P***-Poor Performance… 🙂

So what did I bake?

I made a Dreikornbrot, or “Bread made out of three types of grain”; those three are wheat, rye and spelt: normal spelt flour, wholemeal wheat and wholemeal rye. (I had to look up the latter; it’s RoggenvollkornschrotRoggen is “rye”, Vollkorn is “wholemeal” and for Schrot I found “bruised grain”. Never heard that one before. Schrot is very rough flour.) The dough also contains natural yoghurt so the bread is very light and airy. I cut the recipe out of a health food store’s magazine so it’s gotta be alright, hasn’t it? It’s the first time I made it so I stuck to the recipe but again it’s a candidate for a bit of spicing up. We’ll see. The recipe makes two loaves with a combined weight of more than 2kg (1450g of flour in the mix) so we’ll be eating that for some time. When I’m happy with the tweaked results, I’ll post more details (and hopefully some pictures!) but it’s very nice. Definitely one for the repertoire.

I also made a sweet loaf, a Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread. The recipe is from Kids Baking by Williams-Sonoma. Although my kids didn’t help (they had better things to do on a Sunday morning like running from room to room, leaving toys everywhere, getting on each other’s nerves…), I managed quite alright. By the way, I got that book many moons ago from the Book People, or a similar company, who came to Hampton House which I mentioned the other day. Please have a look at the petition here: – if you haven’t already done so. (Links aren’t working again for me, so apologies.)
It’s made of a lovely yeast dough, normal wheat flour enriched with a bit of butter. The filling is just raisins, sugar and cinnamon. It smells fantastic and tastes great with a blob of vanilla ice cream. It was super-easy to make (well, it’s a book for kids after all…) and a joy to eat. I’m glad I’ve got some in the freezer.


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