Caramel Oat Squares and Buccaneer Shortbread

The kids have had a couple of late nights so I’m lagging behind with my baking list and have therefore decided to combine these two.
I made the former for a coffee & cake invitation at the weekend and the latter from the remaining half of sweetened condensed milk…

The Caramel Oat Squares are a recipe with a story. I cribbed it off Lynette who was the cook at a home for disabled adults where I used to work. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, at least that’s what it feels like in my memory and I still have a couple of recipes I like to make that come from that time. To go off on a slight tangent: That home is under threat of closure at the moment and family members of the residents have started a petition to keep it open. If you’d very kindly have a look at it and see if that’s something you’d support, I’d be very grateful. It’s the sort of place where you keep going back to visit even when you finished working there a decade ago. You can find the petition


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