Baking Bread 3

It’s baking time again. We’ve still got Kastenweißbrot in the freezer but I’m going to bake a sourdough bread and that is quite time consuming. However, I find that the bread keeps fresh for longer and has got a more intense flavour.
I made my own sourdough starter last year and I’m rather pleased with the results. At first I always added extra yeast but it’s active enough now to be used on its own.
Mr Meike’s Kitchen will be away for a week so it’s time for a more adventurous, or more normal (depending on your point of view) bread. This one, shock horror, contains rye flour. And not just normal rye flour, oh no, wholemeal too. And if that wasn’t enough, wholemeal wheat flour goes into it as well… I’ve made it before and it’s really nice. Obviously. Otherwise I wouldn’t be making it again. Doh. It’s a Rustikales Bauernbrot, I’d probably translate this into “rustic or artisan peasant bread”. The recipe can be found here.

Day 1
Or rather, evening…
I’ve taken my starter out of the fridge, discarded most of it and just kept 10g to get it going again. I’ve also weighed out the flour for Day 2 and 3.

    From left to right: whole rye, rye, strong wheat, whole wheat.


Day 2
About 12 hours later, I’ve only left 15g of the sourdough starter in my bowl and filled the remainder in a screw-top jar and put it in the fridge for next time. I’ve added more flour and water, stirred it together, put the shower cap back on (I saw that on The Great British Bake Off and it’s such a good idea – who says that telly isn’t educational?!) and put the bowl back into its resting space on the bookshelf (actually, it’s the corner of the bookshelf reserved for my craft bits…) Yep, that’s where I let my doughs prove and rise – if they need a higher temperature, I put them in the bathroom…

Day 3
It’s finally baking day!
The recipe requires a food processor with a dough hook which I haven’t got so I used my electric whisk even though it’s not recommended (apparently, they die after the second or third such use). I put the bowl on the floor so Miss and Master Meike’s Kitchen could get a better view. It did have the disadvantage that I had to keep stopping Miss (nearly 18 months) from putting her fingers into the bowl but we managed, with all fingers intact.


Day 4
You’d think baking bread was quicker… After the bread had been baked, it needed to rest again so I didn’t cut it until a day later. And still I should have left it a bit longer. Dang impatience!



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