Baking Bread 2


    Kastenweißbrot on the left, rye and spelt bread on the right

I’m not sure whether this is such a good idea. In 2013 I kept a handwritten list of the books I read because I was curious to see how much I read in the course of 12 months. (64 books, not including cookery books, if you want to know.) So New Year’s Day 2014 arrives and a great idea (??) forms: keep a list of all the baking I do and do this in a blog. Why? Why? God knows. But here I am. And I’m already surprised at how often I bake.

Anyway. Today it was time to bake bread again. I had it all planned out when to do what so I could get two types baked. For Mr Meike’s Kitchen it was a Kastenweißbrot, in England that would be just ‘bread’ 😉 And for me, since I’m a bit more adventurous when it comes to bread, a rye and spelt bread.

The first time I made the Kastenweißbrot, the dough was too cold and didn’t rise properly. Tastewise, it was fine, it was just the consistency that was too dense and too squidgy. This time, I warmed the milk and put the dough into the bathroom, the warmest place here, to rise. And it worked! The recipe is great, the result is great! Mr Meike’s Kitchen is impressed!

The rye and spelt bread is a recipe out of Paul Hollywood’s Bread book. I’ve been experimenting with whole flour and normal flour for both the spelt and rye but, to be honest, it doesn’t matter which quantities of which flour I use, it always tastes good. I made it in my 20cm round springform tin today because it’s normally baked in a loaf tin but both my tins were in use for the Kastenweißbrot, that’s why it’s got a bit of an unusual shape.

So that’s us sorted for bread for a little while again! 🙂


    Bottom and right: rye and spelt bread. Left side: Kastenweißbrot

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