Brie Brioche

This Brie Brioche is kicking off my New Year’s baking. It’s a recipe by Paul Hollywood which I followed pretty much to the letter. Which is a rare occasion… 😉

I don’t know why Mr Hollywood calls it “Brie Brioche Pie” since it’s very similar to the Couronne in his Bread book. I’d say it’s a filled brioche but what do I know?!


Right. So I made the dough last night and it rested overnight in the fridge. It’s my Dad’s 70th birthday and the brioche will feature in our evening meal.


The dough was rather sticky and I had to use a fair bit of flour when I rolled it out. Filling it was straight forward. I only had 100g of bacon (bacon not pancetta, mind) and then it was Schwarzwälderschinken (>Black Forst bacon<) at that. It does give the brioche a lovely flavour though. The recipe calls for cranberry sauce, which I haven't got. So I used plain cranberries out of a jar and it works really well.


And then I didn’t have an egg left over to brush the top so I used milk instead. There was a small leakage on one side where I hadn’t sealed the brioche properly but hey, my first brioche!


It smelled fantastic and looked great with all that cheese oozing out when it was cut. (Sorry, no pictures!) As you can imagine, with so much cheese inside it is immensely rich and it was quite too much for four adults. We’ll test it cold next… Personally I thought the actual brioche was quite sweet for a savoury bread but I was overruled and it tastes fine. I’ll keep this recipe for another day, another festive occasion and will make it again.


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